Run in with Joe Hewitt

December 30, 2012

While I am currently visiting family in the Portland area for Christmas I figure I will recount a quick story from the last time I was here.

It was Summer 2012 and I was at Stumptown Coffee Roasters in Portland, one of the locations attached to a trendy hotel (I recommend going to Stumptown if you ever get a chance, it gets high recommendations from most coffee fans. They also brew stumptown’s roasted coffee in Vancouver, BC at Revolver Coffee). The hotel lobby connects with the coffee shop and they seemed to be cool with letting us lounge there for a bit. While we were sitting a guy came and sat down in the corner of the L-shaped couch with his MacBook Pro. After getting a glance I felt he looked familiar and guessed I recognized him. I know it’s creepy but the curiosity got the best of me and I looked him up on and showed my sister and girlfriend his picture and they thought it kind of looked like him, too. I’m not sure if he noticed but I hope I didn’t make it too awkward. Anyways, after some deliberation I asked him if he was Joe Hewitt and he responded “Yes. Do I know you?“. I told him no, I was just a fan of his work and like to dabble with technology and the web. We had a short couple minute conversation before he had to meet up with someone else. I also asked him if he ever gets recognized and he said not outside the bay area, so I guess it’s not that common for developers despite how big their projects are. Oh, for those of you who don’t know who Joe Hewitt is he is guy behind the original native Facebook App for iPhone, Firebug for Firefox, and apparently contributed towards Firefox itself. He runs an interesting blog and you can follow him on twitter: @joehewitt, but both have been inactive for some time. It looks like he has some recent activity on github and has been working on a programming language called Up.

Even though Joe Hewitt isn’t from Portland, it is a pretty neat city for technology, and has been given the nickname, with Seattle, of the _Silicon Forest. _I’ve stumbled across an Engine Yard office here and know that Panic, the guys behind Coda, are also somewhere in the city.