Skeuomorphism, take in small dosages.

May 08, 2013

Skeuomorphism is one of those things that you’d almost hate to even try to defend when talking to a designer. From what I’ve heard in conversations it’s this horrible thing conceived of by designers with too much time and ego. And Apple?!! I can’t even open iCal now, right?! — I believe the rants have a point but I haven’t heard as much of a reasonable dissection of the topic, until this guy. He serves up his opinion with a natural tone of reason I believe we should be taking before writing off skeuomorphism as an apple fad. I’ll admit many of the apple examples are truly bad taste. But rather than write any more time on the matter I think you’d enjoy reading the article itself, go on.

My favorite quote from the article, by Joel Hladecek:

To this day I prefer these qualifiers of metaphor to the term “skeuomorphic”. In part because “skeuomorphic” is used in a binary sense which implies that it can be turned off.