Yahoo acquiring another chunk of the internet

May 21, 2013

Yahoo has bought Tumblr in an all cash deal for 1.1 billion. Incredible! I like the idea of tumblr, a network of blogging, with twitter-esque following. Here’s hoping that Yahoo under Marissa’s direction can continue to tie together the aging properties that is yahoo (hey, look at the flickr update– that wasn’t so bad).

More information from the folks at the New York Times. One quote from the article worth mentioning:

“Facebook is dying in my social media calendar,” he said. “I hardly tap into that anymore. It’s just so expected and just what my friends are doing. There’s something about the creativity of strangers on these other platforms that seems more interesting and creative, even more than the people I know in real life.”

This is something that I’ve noticed as all these social networks try to grasp at our presence. Facebook has become dull to the consistency of noise; like everyone is given a loudspeaker. I’d rather grab a beer and catch up, pull up the photos on my phone while talking with them, and hearing their stories.

So, good luck Yahoo, ”don’t screw it up“.