CRTC Rules are A-Changin

June 04, 2013

It’s no secret that Canada has some of the worst cell phone rates and regulations in the world. But, Finally! The CRTC is budging and forcing the phone companies to change, even if just a little.

The new rules include:

  • Opportunity to walk away from a contract after two years (cost of phone must still be paid)
  • Easier to get a phone unlocked
  • Capped bills from run amok overages
  • Easier to understand “plain English” contracts

Hopefully the lesser contracts will make the phone companies more competitive. As it stands now it looks like they’re all more or less colluding with similar offers, except for wind mobile. We might not ever catch up to the US rates, with their denser population to cover the infrastructure costs, but this is a start in the right direction.