Drupal Camp Alberta 2013

October 12, 2013

So about three weeks ago I had the privilege to attend Drupal Camp Alberta. This year the the guys from Hybrid Forge (where I work!), organized and sponsored it. I really appreciated the hard work they put into making it a high calibre, and fun, and from the sounds of it others had a really great time, too. And it was in Banff! How could you not?! Looking out of the conference rooms to a wall full of glass, opening up into a valley of the Rocky Mountains, even deer were strolling down on the grass below.

So I’m not much of a Drupal guy, but I’m quickly learning the vocabulary (err, I mean terms), the setup, the infinite amount of modules and ways of tackling a problem. I’m hoping to dive more into the theming, and behind-the-scenes “guts” in the recent future. It won’t be long before I’ll have something to show here.

One thing that I had heard about, but which was made more apparent at Drupal Camp, was that people really love Drupal. The community really stands behind Drupal, which is awesome because doing something because you love it is always the best reason, and that seems to speak to Drupal.