A More Festive Heroku

December 07, 2021

I think we’ve all earned a more festive environment this year. If you use the heroku cli then I have created the perfect holiday oclif plugin to get you in the spirit, just take any heroku command and add festive before.

For example below the first is the normal heroku help followed by the festively supported heroku festive help.

Screenshot of a typical heroku cli experience
Screenshot of the heroku cli made festive

In some cases the cli uses the -- separator convention to clearly separate args and flags for the command to be made festive and the festive command itself.

For example:

heroku festive --color red --color green -- apps:info --app heroku-app

would apply the the red and green --color flags to the festive command, making the output of heroku apps:info --app heroku-app flash red and green.

Lastly, in much of the world (and Canada!) it gets pretty cold during the holidays so I’ve added heroku firelog to make things feel a bit warmer.

Screenshot of the heroku firelog